2Doc next week: ' white is also a color '

Sunny Bergman wants to know why a lot of white people feel themselves injured or even get angry when talking about racism and white privilege.

Looking for answers parses them the moral of the ' right-thinking ' elite in our colourful society. How colors are white thinking?For the time being, be in the racism debate problems conveniently deposited with immigrants. Because they are not well would integrate, or at the lower educated PVV voters because they are racist Imageries. But what colors the look of white people with a higher level of education, which the moral equal to their side think and believe that color not matter does? They fail to educate their kids ' color blind '?Bergman takes the test. In the remarkable ' black doll/white doll ' experiment, that was previously not documented in Netherlands was conducted, looking at the choices that make preschoolers between black and white. The young competitor will, not yet trained in giving socially desirable answers, regardless of their own color the same choices to submit their views and shall inform the white pop systematically above the black doll. How to find for example, 75% the white pop the smartest. According to Philomena Essed, Professor of in Critical Race, Gender and Leadership Studies, it makes sense that the children make these choices. It reflects what children already to daily see: in movies, literature and in education are the smart heroes always white. In this context, Bergman also examines the white look on the history and the heroes of yesteryear, such as Michiel de Ruiter, in their role of oppressor. How do we deal with this tilt look?It is Bergman on that a large part of the White higher education assumes that Western culture and civilization standards set an example to the rest of the world, who are there to should. ' By to assume that your values generally applicable neutral moral and cultural values are, lift up your yourself above others ', allows Bergman. She sees awareness of this superiority as a first step to a changing, wide look at a colorful society.In her search for answers to the question how color affects us in our doings, Bergman also takes himself under the Loupe and runs them first in an experiment that privileges based on color measuring. Since they publicly bet against racism in Netherlands, she comes a lot of angry white people. Curious as to what underlies the anger and indignation of white people as soon as talking about racism, carries them confrontational phone calls with people that her via Facebook uitscholden or threatened in response to its public statements against black piet in particular and racism in the General.Bergman sees a link between the anger and the self-esteem of white people. "Feelings of superiority do not fit in our self image. That we enjoy white and colored people unfair privileges treat, look down on them or insult evenmin', says Bergman. ' With something which we mean that it doesn't exist, we don't want to face. The moral and cultural supremacy that many white people carry with them is eventually a disability. '
2 Doc: ' white is also a color ' is to see to 21:00 hours on Sunday 18 december NPO2.

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