UN research: more than 45% of all the food thrown away in Morocco

Staggering figures after a vigorous investigation of the UN.

The FAO (food and Agriculture Organization) of the United Nations recently did extensive research into throwing away food in Mediterranean countries, the study was described with Mediterra. One of the countries under review was therefore alarming figures from Morocco and came here. In the North African country disappears a whopping 45.1% of the food produced in the trash. Having regard to the poverty level in the country are this very useful figures to avoid waste in the future.

Total questioned the research team of the FAO 2657 people, of which 122 were Moroccan. From this came the following results:
1. persons who indicated no food to throw away:
2. persons who indicated a small amount to throw away:
3. persons who indicated a fair amount of way to do:
4. persons who indicated more to throw away than should:
5. persons who indicated way too much to throw away:

In the research is also reflected that the especially foods like vegetables, fruits, bakery products and cereals in the trash disappear.

For the countries where Muslims form the predominant faith group one takes a higher percentage during Ramadan where food that is thrown away.

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