News that Spain Moroccans free of visa is a hoax

Several Moroccan news sites have reported that Moroccans soon are exempt from the visa requirement for travel to neighbouring Spain.

Upon further research into these rumors by Morocco World News shows, however, that this is just a hoax.Moroccan news site AlMaghreb24 for example, reported yesterday that Spain has opened the border for Moroccans and accessible without a visa for a stay not exceeding 90 days."The news can seem surreal," AlMaghreb24 said, "but it's the truth. Different media have revealed that the Spanish Government has decided to cancel the visa for them with a Moroccan passport, and to open the border for all Moroccan citizens from January 2017. "Upon closer examination of this news one could however no reliable reporting in the Spanish media or an announcement by the Spanish authorities. In addition, no news coverage about this FOLDER also has no published.