Policewoman in Rabat steals from checkout service station

Noteworthy but true, a policewoman who does a hold from a cash register!

Something extraordinary, seen from the normal citizen, occurred recently in Rabat. The Moroccan medium Assabah announced that a policewoman from its function is put after a very brutal crime. The agent in question which, at the date of the offence the traffic settled on a roundabout in the capital, made the gang to the nearest gas station to her urinary needs to do. However this was not the only thing MS did there, camera images have laid down that law servant some of the cash drawers did from the gas station.

On good faith remained the owner of the gas station in his Office for administrative work when the policewoman came in. She immediately made the same confidence of abuse by a hefty amount of money away to snatch. Mrs ran back out to its normal service to resume.

A few days after the incident became the offence noted after studying the camera images. The owner of the gas station did complained to another policewoman who later visited the gas station, demanded his money back and left it there. The man chose consciously to do not report against the woman. Nevertheless, she was reprimanded by her leadership, who posted about the case was brought by the second policewoman, and she could soon come her police stuff, the woman is both financially and functionally punished.

gas and service station