By arm-injury prevented Badr comes back: ' Get well soon, hit the gym and knock him out! '

All WINS pay only when the opponents, both winner and loser, accept it.

To no avail tonight for kickbokslegende Badr Hari. With words of praise, he friend and enemy ready for an exuberant game of in the König Pilsener Arena in Oberhausen. Current world champion Rico Verhoeven would be one of the last profits from the Moroccan Boxer. Nevertheless, did an unfortunate arm-injury, actual circumstances still unknown, the 32-year-old champion.

With smart guided the Moroccan supporter itself by the previous games in which one hopeful became by the legitimate points profit of Jamal Baby. The 26-year-old Moroccan Belgian had none other than Ismael Landry for itself, an established name in the boxing world, and stripped in the last round of Suriname. Already staggering saw Landry Baby to profit, after the judgement of the jury.

Badr vs. Rico was the contest that the Viewer to Ziggo Sports and other channels did zap. Emotionless came both candidates on and after some delay caused by cracked the Moroccan supporters fight loose in the ring. In the first round it was Rico who began taking initiative, Badr fumbled themselves off and also shared enough big hits from that despite the lower number compared to Verhoeven, however, had more effect.

The second round, against the expectation of the viewer in, was also the last and was even terminated prematurely. After some big hits over and over again, to be honest, Hari had to Perforce. It was clear to see that the champion had run on an injury that made him no longer possible by fights. Regulatory win Rico Verhoeven but that is certainly not the case dismissed!

Both Badr as Rico showed themselves very sporty afterwards. In stark contrast to what is on the press conferences and during interviews was said showed the pair from a social side, however, we can still fight. Hari said: ' The little guy became big ', denoting Verhoeven. ' He is one of the best, but not the best yet. I don't want to lose like this and he doesn't want to win like this. I will get well soon, hit the gym and knock this guy out of here next year! '

badr hari
rico verhoeven