Netherlands gives 2.3 million for Syria

Shoot the Netherlands to help refugees in Syria. This time our country attracts 2.3 million to humanitarian aid, Lilianne Ploumen made Minister for foreign trade and development cooperation Saturday.

The help is for both Syrians in their country have to survive in appalling conditions as for Iraqis who have fled from Mosul to northern Syria. These include food, water, medical care, mattresses, cooking utensils, clothing and shoes.

"The continuing violence means that recourse to humanitarian aid without prejudice to continuing. Mediation efforts to relieve the suffering of the people verzandden not getting ", says Ploumen.

The past three years our country for more than 296 million euro in emergency aid allocated since the beginning of the conflict in Syria more than 357 million in 2012 (for displaced persons and refugees in neighbouring countries in Syria). Netherlands is in the top ten of donors.

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