In the shadow of the main party: thumbs up for Baby winner!

Some justification we were almost forgotten yesterday, the winner of the evening JBS stripped itself of Ismael Landry!

J Baby may be in form not the most impressive and sleek fighter, last night he was handsome standing opposite a well established name in the heavyweight class, Ismael Landry. The Dutch Suriname already had three wins in a row are in that class of Glory and was a formidable opponent for the 26-year-old Baby. Over three rounds long affected both candidates and were there over and over again, despite the paltry number of blows handed out the effectiveness was clearly visible.

Baby proved to have no child in the past to the regulatory winner last night, Rico Verhoeven. In 2011, event organized by it's Showtime, Baby Verhoeven at the time hit knockout. As new Boxer was the second poster of last night so am S vs. Landry. Not the most exciting match but where clearly visible was who physically as the winner. Landry could by the end of the third round only just on both legs to monitor how Baby was granted the profit. Already staggering left the Suriname.

Finally, we can say that there are two parties played last night, interesting for the Moroccan supporter, that one of them is decided by Ben S and the other still persecution. Mark the words: ' He is one of the best, but not the best yet. I don't want to lose like this and he doesn't want to win like this. I will get well soon, hit the gym and knock this guy out of here next year! '

Tribute to Ben S and Badr vs. Rico is in the wait, we're going to see next year!