Africa Center discussions between Morocco and Nigeria

Africa was at the Centre of talks between King Mohammed VI and the Nigerian president Muhammadu Buhari during the official visit to Nigeria.

"The two heads of State welcomed the success of COP 22 and the African Action Summit in Marrakech where the Kingdom emerges clearly as a strong supporter of the African issues and especially Morocco's desire to the development in To promote Africa "according to a joint statement which was issued after the official visit of the King to Nigeria."His Excellency President Muhammadu Buhari was happy to learn about Morocco's desire to be accepted in the African Union," said the statement, adding that the president of Nigeria "noted the initiative to a forum for North West Africa, and underlined the importance and relevance of such a forum ".Both sides agreed to deepen their talks on this initiative which provides a flexible structure focused on concrete projects aimed at economic and social development, as well as achieving sustainable peace and security, Moroccoworldnews reports.