Family dramas in Tangier and Boujad

Last Saturday were the cities of Tangier and Boujad rocked by two family dramas. An ex-convict killed his father and sister in law, while a 34-year-old man killed his wife.

In one single day were two Moroccan cities rocked by family dramas in which three people were killed, reports the daily newspaper Al Ahdath today.In Boujad (small town on the edge of the Atlas mountains) killed his father an ex-con, 70 years old, and his sister-in-law, due to a problem with the apportionment of inheritance. He would be entitled to an inheritance after the death of his mother, but after a family conflict went not as he wished. Once out of prison, he decided to take revenge by killing his father and sister in law. Happy was his young nephew, who in the House of the neighbors was, able to escape certain death.In Tangier on the same day a man killed his wife, because he doubted her fidelity and loyalty, by her death. This was a tragic end of his marriage that lasted no more than five months.

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