Daesh choose new year's of views Morocco as one of its targets

The security services in Morocco in the coming period will be even sharper.

Despite the military interventions in Iraq at the breeding grounds of terrorist organization, the movement seems ever-bolder Daesh. According to an American medium, Intelligence, usually well introduced when it comes to security issues, Morocco Daesh sees as one of its targets soon. As in many other cities seem the festivities around the new year change target for Daesh.

The terrorist organisation calls her supporters and fighters on attacks during the new year and the preparations for them. Morocco has no less than 600,000 tourists who come annually countdown to the new year. A large security risk to Morocco and at the same time target for the terrorist organization. Last year all were different individuals on time get caught who wanted to cause bloodshed in the country. In Rabat, Casablanca and Nador were thus foiled attacks.

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