Morocco start second phase in regulating immigration flows

Morocco builds step by step to her immigration process.

The last years one in Morocco, as with some other North African countries, more and more migrants from the Sub-Saharan region. All for long periods of time, even before the Arab spring began and for huge migration flows made, Morocco is very very popular with economic refugees seeking asylum procedure after they have reached the Spanish enclaves. Most of these are already learned that that not nearly as easy as they think and have settled in Morocco.

The Moroccan Government wants to regulate this immigration flow mapping and somewhat. Currently, a second phase in this regulation of the immigration flows, reports the National Commission responsible for the regularization and integration of migrants in Morocco. On the orders of King Mohamed VI will be a group of as many as 25,000 persons by this second phase.

In practice this will mean that for this group as soon as possible the conditions be created to a fixed place in the Moroccan society. Especially in the field of employment, the Commission is a huge challenge for this large group. With only support one will try the group, consisting of mainly migrants from the Sub-Saharan region, to give a helping hand.

In a statement the Prince calls the population on these migrants groups to treat with respect and dignity without any form of racism or discrimination.