Germany and Morocco are preparing for co-chairmanship of the Global Forum

Germany and Morocco will jointly chair the ' Global Forum on Migration and Development (GFMD) take over on 1 January 2017.

The symbolic transfer of the Presidency to the Moroccan State Secretary El Nadir of the Ministry of Moroccan emigrants and Migration Affairs and Markus Ederer, State Secretary at the German Ministry of Foreign Affairs, was done the day before yesterday during the annual GFMD Conference in Dhaka, Bangladesh.Next year the emphasis will be on how the GFMD could contribute to the ' United Nations Global Compact ' on migration. This Convention is intended to send a strong signal to the international community for an improvement in the global migration policy and will be adopted by the members in 2018Germany and Morocco will be the first countries which jointly take on the Presidency of the GFMD, reports New African Magazine. Via the co-presidency they will symbolically bridging the Mediterranean Sea and the close link between Europe and Africa. This will help to highlight the positive aspects of migration, as well as the need for an orderly and safe migration with a view to the goal of global migration.