Consultation on violated file in Aleppo

The failed file in Aleppo is forcing the leaders of the countries concerned back to each other. Russian president Putin consults by phone Wednesday afternoon with president Erdogan of Turkey, so let the Kremlin know.

That the ceasefire not saves, is reason for many parties direct demands. These include the Shiite Lebanese Hezbollah movement that except Russia now also Iran must have control over the situation. The regime in Damascus has meanwhile blamed the rebels for the failure. Vice versa, the rebels in East Aleppo president Assad accused to have resumed the shelling. The latter view is shared by Erdogan.

Several Parties reported Wednesday morning that there were already 15,000 people in Aleppo were ready to in the buses to steps that the refugees would evacuate. Among them were 4000 rebels who wished to make use of the safe conduct that the file offered.

A Turkish news agency managed to report that on the night of Tuesday on Wednesday still had to leave Aleppo thousand refugees. They would be on their way to the city of Idlib.

failed file