King Mohamed VI President during meeting gas pipeline from Nigeria to Morocco

The working visits of the King seem serious forms.

Following on from his tour through Africa and the recently held in COP22 climate Morocco King Mohamed VI, Congress is busy with one of its major projects. In Marrakech, he was along with the head of State of Nigeria for a meeting which should ultimately lead to a gas pipeline from Nigeria to go to Morocco. The pipeline will have far-reaching positive implications for Morocco and Africa as a continent, according to a press release by the Moroccan Cabinet.

Apart from the two heads of State knew the work concerts also the presence of the current Prime Minister of Morocco, Baby, Duncan and some other portfolio holders from the Moroccan Cabinet. Further there were also prominent business people present as the CEO of the OCP Group (world leader in the production of phosphate) and the head of the national authority on electricity and drinking water goes, Ali Fassi Fihri.

The pipeline will run through several West African countries and contributes to the independence of the continent to itself in the energy needs and so for example itself different industrial projects on.

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