King Mohamed VI launches innovation boulevard at Hassan II mosque

In the coming months, the Casablanca boulevard gets a hefty facelift.

Today King Mohamed VI gave the go-ahead for a large scale project which, among other things, the boulevard near the Hassan II mosque. The Frost was present at the launch of an ambitious plan for a large part of the coastline of Casablanca. There is going to be such a 200 million dirham of the whole project, to euros converted some 19 million.

The plan is to the boulevard near the Grand Hassan II mosque, about 1.5 km long, more and more as a tourist attraction. The boulevard will be a recreational and cultural momentum going to get. Exactly how this is going to do is not completely disclosed. What is clear is that there is an underground car park will come for as many as 1,000 vehicles. Contractor in this whole is Casa Économiques.

The project will reportedly cover some 14 months, said Morocco World News.