Mauritania declares diplomatic war against Morocco and Senegal

Plans for a gas pipeline between Nigeria and Morocco formed the well-known drop for Mauritania.

Ambitious plans of both the Moroccan and the Senegalese Government to increase domestic revenues are down the wrong way shot at the Government in Mauritania. There would be allegedly even be a diplomatic war, deployed by Mauritania. According to the Moroccan medium Assabah are the tensions in the border regions between the countries to cut.

Mauritania will see more and more that set up by investments and projects of both countries the private market and own income at risk. In the area of fisheries put Senegal, at the expense of Mauritania, just a little too much. Also one should not more satisfied with the agreed amount in a dating from 1974 Treaty between the countries on fishing. Mauritania has done and out of this deficit through various diplomatic channels.

As far as Morocco is no agreement with the plans for a gas pipeline from Nigeria to the Kingdom. In Mauritania the policy seems so a surprising turn. We are waiting for the reactions of Morocco and Senegal respectively.