State of emergency in region Ahfir after discovery projectiles

The discovery of a party projectiles in the region Ahfir, South of Oujda, led to the mobilization of the Moroccan security services that an inquest have been opened to determine the origin of this explosive loads.

"Discovery of a large batch of dubious projectiles," Al Massae today. They report that the State of emergency in the region of Ahfir was proclaimed by the security services. The discovery of these projectiles found recently place on a farm where one was at work. This farm is situated in the region of Ahfir. According to Al Massae, was a party of 40 pieces seized and sent to the forensic laboratory for research and analysis. The police are meanwhile wonder how these projectiles this sensitive area, near Algeria, could achieve. The services expect that "the results of the scientific analysis in the coming days will be announced," said the newspaper, now all reassuring that the nature of the projectiles not "dangerous" for the population could be."In principle it's no projectiles that a deadly threat. Rather, projectiles and explosive loads for sports events ", the newspaper quoted an anonymous source of the police. In each case, the police "the hypothesis that these projectiles were imported from neighbouring Algeria clandestinely". Algerian smuggling to Morocco happened much, illegal small-scale products such as psychotropic drugs dominate the trade in this area adjacent to the Kingdom, concludes the newspaper.