Kebba does THINK-paragraph Declaration threat

Candidate mp Farid Kebba does THINK of the political movement Friday Declaration of threat. That his party has disclosed.

According to think is the threat Thursday posted on a private Facebook page and is the term "wind up" is used. This week also came a threatening letter at think, signed with "Wolves of Odin ' and addressed to the ' dogs of think '.

"The time has now come for our answer. We are United, we are trained and we are armed. Now it is your turn to you no longer feel safe and to have to fear for your family, family and supporters. You have started, we make it. We make you off! ", in the letter read that think is released.

The letter further that the concerned about the endangered candidate mp Sylvana Simons "rightly" and that it is time for a "spring cleaning" as "has already been done in Europe".

Other prominent members were given previously to do with threats. A bedreiger of Parliament Member Tam Kuzu was Monday sentenced to a community service. Sylvana Simons has even gotten security.

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