King Mohamed VI opens two important projects in Medina Casablanca

The medina of Casablanca metropolis is due for renewal and King Mohamed VI was there to witness.

In the form of a larger-scale project with a total sum of about 11.6 million dirham find there the coming period numerous innovations and projects place in the medina of Casablanca, the economic capital of Morocco. The older part of the city is firmly to maintenance and increasing the possibilities in the area. For this is the aforementioned sum. Last Friday there were two of those projects were launched, in the presence of none other than our King.

The Frost was present at the opening of two projects, namely those of the health centre 9 Juilliet and a culture focused centre called Dar Annassij. The health centre serves for fulfilling the medical needs of the local population in the medina. Patients can go there for small treatments and advice on a wide range of medical areas.

On the other hand, should the cultural centre to promote stuff and clothing manufactured according to local methods. Ancient subjects such as tanning will be exhibited.

There are many other projects in the near future on the program for the medina, this is to ensure that that old piece of Casablanca is not overshadowed by the modern developments and changes occurring elsewhere in the city.

king mohammed vi