Metro schopper instantly right

The 27-year-old Bulgarian man who was arrested Saturday, because he in late October in the Berlin Subway a woman kicked down the stairs, comes Sunday even before the judge. That says a spokesman for the Prosecutor in Berlin.

The incident was filmed by a surveillance camera and led to social media soon to emotional reactions in Germany and beyond. The 26-year-old woman broke her wrist during her fall. The offender who had kicked the woman from behind, then expressed with a few friends sauntered away without standing over the woman to worry about.

Wednesday police made known the identity of the man to have fixed. He could be held in a bus Saturday from France, who arrived at the Berlin Charlottenburg station.

According to the spokesperson of the officer is also checked if the man attempted manslaughter can be blamed.

Last Monday was the younger brother of the offender already arrested, but he was released because there was no evidence of complicity.

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