Mahi and K accurately, E. winter champion with Feyenoord

The end of calendar year 2016 football is near, also on the final day there were Moroccan hits.

As soon as the first half of the season began, so quickly came to his end as well. Today, yesterday and the day before the last Eredivisieduels were finished by 2016, it finally came two Moroccan hits. The most surprising team so far is Feyenoord, the Rotterdam-team knew with 3-1 to deal with short and are therefore proud to head on the rankings. Veteran Karim El Ahmadi is as winter champion with Morocco travel to Gabon for the African Cup.

The lead was there again this afternoon for wing attacker Mimoun Mahi in the euroborg. The links outside knew his number of goals so far to write down to six pieces in total. On an almost impossible place, on the right wing just before the goal line, and the ball popped Mahi rock hard inside. All in the 20th minute, the attacker for this lead that over 10 minutes afterwards right was pulled by ex-teammate Antonia: 1-1 what the final score was.

At Groningen he was of course in the basic and Mahi began the full play time within the lines. Teammate Ali Idrissi if in the 84th minute. With Go Ahead was also defender and Moroccan-international Achenteh the entire encounter within the lines.

At Excelsior were Khalid Karami and Hicham Amin the Moroccans on the contest form, at NEC, on the other hand, is and was the only Moroccan Professor Mohamed R.devaraji on the field. Ending in a 2-2 draw was K the only surefire man on the field of the three. Nicely indicated by Vermeulen which it initially got the pitch by K he completed on a wonderful manner. The 26-year-old back ran until deep into the penalty area and pulled mercilessly hard.

Both Karami as Faik and R.devaraji completed the game until the final whistle. Seven minutes before the end of the official game time was still inserted, Anouar Hadouir he ordered the score of 2-2 coming when he remained unchanged.

mimoun mahi
khalid karami