French company signs contract for municipal waste millions of El Jadida

The municipal waste facility of El Jadida is owned by a French company.

For seven years the French group Derichebourg recently signed a partnership with the municipality of El Jadida. In the coastal town over the next few years will this company for the collection and processing of waste the city. The company invests over 27 million dirham as in this project.

Previously the company did all other major cities in Morocco, including Marrakech and Rabat fall under the management of Derichebourg. A total of 160 million the company puts out such a dirham in the projects all over the country. The CEO of Derichebourg said in front of the Moroccan medium Usine Nouvelle: ' I'm the only expat active in Morocco, for the rest there will be employed only Moroccans go with us. There are plenty of competent and trained people in Morocco that go with us this job done, "says CEO Peter Derichebourg.

Last calendar year Derichebourg in Morocco knew a profit of no less than 233 million dirham. The forecast and target for 2016 is to increase this quantity by 10 percent.

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