30-year sentence for incestuous father in Meknes

The Court last Thursday convicted an incestuous father in Meknes, who is responsible for the pregnancy of his minor daughter, to thirty years in prison.

The scandal was announced on January 31, 2015. On that date, the 14-year-old girl, accompanied by her older brother, for the judicial police with a certificate showing that she was the victim of rape. She wanted to file a complaint against her father who they accused to sit behind this horror Act, according to the newspaper Al Akhbar.Following this complaint the police opened an investigation at the behest of the public prosecutor. In her testimony stated the teenager that her parents were separated five years earlier. In the first period after the separation she attended with her two brothers at her mother. But two years later she moved back to her father and her brothers after the departure of their mother to Saudi Arabia, where they had found work.This initially went well, but four months before the rape changed the behavior of her father. She said he forced her to join him in bed to sleep, not hesitant to fondle her, until the day they actually was raped. They added that he had abused her almost daily for more than three months and he threatened her with the death in case they dared to tell the incest to others. This had a major adverse impact on her mental health and her academic performance.The older brother (19 years) confirmed that his father forced his sister to sleep with him and that he became violent when she refused. He had suspicions of the abuse and these were later confirmed by his sister. When he confronted his father this father he antagonised him out of the House. At the time that the mother has been advised of this awful news she ordered the children to go to the police and file a complaint.Based on this information, the police arrested the father, a 44-year-old taxi driver. He told investigators that the relationship with his daughter was based on mutual respect and love, and accused his ex-wife that they are behind these allegations. He could not, however, convince the Prosecutor of his innocence because his statements were full of contradictions. In the end it was the DNA test that the father conclusively designated as the culprit and the Court sentenced him to 30 years in prison.