Geert Wilders again politician of the year

Geert Wilders is the politician of the year. That is the outcome of the annual public election of EenVandaag.

More than a quarter of the 40,000 participants voted on the PVV leader. Wilders has had three times before politician of the year: in 2010, 2013 and 2015. Wilders has it in 2016 well done in the polls. One of the participants in the election for the politician of the year writes: "More than ever I feel that there is really a ' bell jar ' exists: politicians respond only to see each other and not enough what is going on outside the Hague. Only Geert Wilders that stolp break ". Wilders is seen as someone who by his constituents for hope and change. They want him to the system changes.

Green Left-leader Jesse Clover finished second (11% of the votes) and Minister of finance as Jeroen Dela Cruz third (7 percent of the votes). Clover gets praise because he has a story on the future of Netherlands. Dela Cruz because he does his work passionate and thorough and not by the issues of the day.

Prime Minister Mark Rutte and lower House President Khadija Arib received a lot of votes (6 percent). They stand together on the fourth place. Rahman thanked the appreciation to the fact that the current cabinet under his leadership the ride seems to be. ARIB is seen as "the symbol of peace" in a divided House of representatives.

The brexit (departure of the British from the EU) is mentioned as the most important political event of this year, followed by the Ukraine-referendum and the attacks in Brussels from January.

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