Police unsure about suspicious role Berlin

The German police are unsure whether the 23-year-old Pakistani who was arrested after the attack in Berlin called the culprit is.

Police Chief Klaus Kandt said Tuesday that still "uncertain '' whether the suspect is indeed behind the terrorist act. He said that "by all means be cleared up or holding out '' the suspicion. If not, then a new search.The German newspaper Die Welt reported stronger and more determined that the suspect who has been detained not sat behind the wheel of the truck that Monday evening on the Christmas market raged. "We have the wrong man '', signed the newspaper from the mouth of an anonymous source within the police." And with it, a new situation. Because the true culprit still at large is armed and can cause ' misery. 'Earlier it was already known that the arrested man denies all involvement in the attack.The Berlin police has reported via Twitter "particularly vigilant '' to stay." Are you that please also '', wrote the police first in German and then in English. Approximately at the same time, said Police Chief Kandt that still "uncertain '' whether the arrested suspect the culprit is.

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