African magazine praises Morocco foreign policy in Africa

The promises and plans now seem to be getting better to take shape, thus a leading African Journal.

That Morocco a new direction in its continental politics is now starting more and more to be visible, thus the African magazine Jeune Afrique. After King Mohamed VI visited the continent in different countries such as Rwanda, Tanzania, Madagascar, Senegal, Ethiopia and Nigeria is now starting to turn out more and more that these visits also followed up. The magazine says that the better relations more and more are starting to become visible.

Starting with the regularization of immigration of Africans from countries in the sub-Sahara in Africa. It's a huge helping hand by Morocco to the poor countries in the region that such refugees cannot. In addition, the planned gas pipeline from Nigeria to Morocco a very beautiful endeavour and it shows the economic involvement of Morocco to the continent more independence in energy supply.

In the area of safety, religious factors, social areas and infrastructure it is expected many great contributions of the Kingdom.

king mohammed vi