Moroccan embassies Belgium and France start collecting biometric data

To the infrastructure of police and security services was launched in Belgium and France.

For safety reasons and practical convenience for the Moroccan citizen is one in the embassies of Paris-Orly, Marseille and Brussels started collecting various biometric data. The same data that one partly incorporated into passports and identity cards is now available for Moroccan police and security services.

An additional advantage of this new policy is that Moroccan citizens, in the case of loss, theft or gradient, not having to back to Europe to obtain their residence documents. In a press release let the umbrella Police Organization to implement these plans know DGSN from two aspects. Partly to improve the possibilities of Justice provide more data, in addition it serves as improvement of the data infrastructure in the country.
For the time being, this system only entered in the three above mentioned embassies. It is unclear when the in the rest of the foreign embassies will be launched.

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