Large-scale renovation work started for boulevard Ain Diab

Large-scale renovation work on the program for coastline Casablanca.

The coastline of the economic capital of Morocco will soon get a hefty facelift. Especially from the point of view of mobility is a lot of work to renovate. King Mohamed VI gave then also yesterday launched for this large-scale project.

The construction works are part of the complete renovation of the coastline between Casablanca and Settat as agreed and signed by various parties in 2014. Soon the work finally seem to find passage. The entire project covers also the coastal areas El Hank, Dar Bouaaza, Ain Sbaa and Mohammedia. The total aannemerssom of about 700 million dirham (coarse converted a total of 70 million euro).

Ain Diab, 3.5 kilometers long, will be provided with separate roadways, underground parking (well over 1,000 sites) and will also get the necessary options in recreational terms. So is there a swimming pool on the program and sports complex for the practice of various sports.

The total work will take about 18 months, contractor in this whole is Casa Économiques.

ain diab
king mohammed vi