Column: ' Morocco and the African Nations Cup, for years no happy marriage. '

In response to all the turmoil about the footballer Ha Ziyech a column of our sports editors.

Even before I started I had taken for me to this column to write him only after the selection of Morocco for the Africa Cup would shall be made public. In a great interview with the Moroccan Ryan TV transmitter gave the national coach to be included on the to this on the 20th. After last night obediently behind my laptop gebivakkeerd and today found out to have come what is the reason for that delay, I could really do not let. But before I let my frustrations run free it is not more than normal to me as debuting columnist for this site. Tarik is the name, 22 years young and currently active as sports editor for Many will already know me of Atlas-Lions but that printing, the African Cup is forthcoming with its atmosphere and ambiance.

Many can the but maybe just remember, the atmosphere during such a African Nations Cup in a typical Moroccan family home. It usually starts very hopeful, qualifier Morocco went without too much damage by and also in terms of the Administration is the giant. Everything is going well in such a Moroccan House until the referee whistle before kick-off. To the one or other reason know every team, now almost two decades long, managed to get to Moroccan fathers in front of their whole family to fierce complain enough about the bad to get. Words that you thought your dad they would never speak that you get flawlessly and with the right tone of voice to hear during such a contest. But What do you want, you have to deal with the generation that Morocco on world cups excellent do play and now see that at their clubs the internationals the roof and Morocco disappoint every time. One thing we will never forget, Morocco has not one coach but millions. Football is something huge lives in the country, which provide a average Moroccan also to his head, during a football game are that buried for a while. And that is why it is so sad that the Moroccan national football team has not been able to reward her people for so long.

If we go through the process over the years, we can only conclude that the successes in the past have been posted more on coincidence be based on strategic and decisive policy from above. Golden generations such as those of the 1986 WORLD CUP in Mexico and the groups that are on the soccer world cups of 1994 and 1998 were teams which were an excellent cohesion showed, for each other by the fire, and which saw the differences were virtually nil. In recent years, however, also seems like such a team in the making, want it every time but just or may just not work. Beautiful game to the supporter in the stadium or at home behind the tube to reward's in nine of the ten times not in. Also with the players what we have now it looks all material get some brittle. A selection consisting of mostly players from leading European leagues and clubs also seems under Renard not really to bear fruit. We have during the last two World Cup qualifying matches can see that the game was far from dazzling. Where you asked still in good spirits and fascinated was watching, zap you today all away quickly if it's too soporific.

And now comes in it too that just before such an important tournament for Morocco, one of the most stable players probably from the selection is left? When reading the message of Le Matin I hoped fervently that this one out the unfounded rumor was. Despite that 't introduced a very good medium is I wanted to but not believe. How you can 't get in your head as national coach, whether you're twice the African Cup have won is not matter, to one of the best Moroccan players of the moment at home? Someone whose absence at Orange regular by famous Dutch analysts is deplored. For quite a while was to note that the relationship between Renard and Ziyech don't look too good. But you need to bridge these issues in leading up to such an important event. Just before an African Cup are two crucial things: your best players select material and the rest keep. If the rumor is correct then there is on both requirements are not met. In the Dutch media laughs it is undoubtedly rot and we are currently comparisons made with the choice of the time, Danny Blind to Hakim Ziyech do not select. We were already a bit the laughing stock and that idea is now only intensified. In just over seven days would the selection is already need to travel to Dubai in order to prepare and then you know it for each other to get to so much turmoil.

With Hervé Renard we thought a real specialist in home. The best man had with the lesser country Zambia surprisingly the African Cup won in 2012 and did the same thing three years later with the Ivory Coast. But for the time being, except the nice results in the qualifying series and during exhibition games, there is still little by Renard to see back in the team. It's still all, careful, offensively we come huge deficit and even worse: it is almost soporific. For now I give Morocco and Renard the benefit of the doubt, the upcoming days will show whether this national coach with plans comes to once and for all what to perform at this tournament. A tip I can the Moroccan supporter: don't expect too much, the disappointment is then post less heavy.

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