Ministry of Interior warns Moroccan citizens for condoning acts of terrorism

N.a.v. the murder of the Russian Ambassador in Turkey last weekend, the Moroccan Interior Ministry warns its citizens that sympathize with the Act, also on social media, can lead to imprisonment.

The Interior Ministry says in a statement that "given that sympathy and apologies for terrorist acts is a punishable crime according to the law, on the basis of article 218-2 of the Penal Code, is an investigation started by the authorities, under the supervision of the Office of the public prosecutor, to the persons concerned to identify and to initiate a legal procedure against them ".

"These unacceptable acts of extremism are at odds with the requirements of Islam, which rejects extremism and tolerance advocates and all are in contradiction with the Moroccan social values of moderation, tolerance and living together ", the statement went on.

After the announcement that the Russian Ambassador Andrei Karlov was killed during an art exhibition in Ankara, founded many turned to social media to condone and celebrate the deed, and the Act to justify it as a political act as a protest on behalf of Syrians.

Moroccan authorities, however, see this as an act of "apology of terrorism", which is illegal under the Moroccan Penal Code. There is still nothing clear on how exactly these investigations will take place and what exactly qualify as an "apology of terrorism", reports Moroccoworldnews.

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