Moroccan Government realized building 195 mosques in 2016

A State-of-the-art work by financial assistance by the Moroccan Government.

On the occasion of Eid Mawlid Nabawi, also the day of the mosques in Morocco, Moroccan Ministry of religious affairs made it a very positive figure known. Through the intervention of the Department was to realize the construction of as many as 195 mosques in the Kingdom. More than 755 million dirham was accompanied by this work.

Of that amount went 90 million dirham to one-time contributions to mosques, the remaining balance (665 million dirham) was used to completely new places of worship from the ground. Apart from the realization of new mosques was also a fair number of renovated or restored. Especially in areas in the countryside was strongly needed renovation.

Since there were no less than 2010 2493 mosques closed, on the other hand there were 893 new places of worship. In terms of repair work was in considering part of the mosques the carpet renewed and all kinds of technical and electronic gizmos were applied in order to increase the energy efficiency of the buildings. As I said these figures were published during Eid Mawlid Nabawi. During this occasion, co-organized by the Ministry, one could admire different koran recitations and were there to see presentations of numerous new projects.