5000 migrants drowned in the Mediterranean Sea

This year are already 5000 migrants drowned in the Mediterranean Sea, a record number according to the International Organization for Migration (IOM). Throughout 2015 there were just under 3800 dead.

Thursday came approximately one hundred people, mostly West Africans, to when two crowded inflatable boats turned in the Strait of Sicily between Libya and Italy, the IOM and the UN refugee organization UNHCR. "By these two incidents increased the total number of deaths this year above the 5000," said an IOM spokesman.

The UNHCR wrote the "disturbing increase" in the number of deaths to a combination of factors: bad weather, the declining quality of the boats where smugglers make use of it and the tactics they use to prevent them from being discovered. Also they put large numbers of people on boats, making it harder to save them when things go wrong.

According to the IOM came this year to Thursday 22 december 358,403 migrants and refugees by sea in Europe. Most arrived in Greece and Italy.

mediterranean sea