Morocco calls on international community to translate word to put in Syria

Plain language of Morocco to the international community.

During a meeting of the OCI (l'Organisation de la Conference Islamique) in Morocco Saudi Arabia did this call through a senior members of the Moroccan Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Abdelkrim Backous. Apart from the fact that these wars persists for years and has had to blood flow under the Syrians tons, is the situation currently in Aleppo the straw that broke the camel's back.

Despite that Morocco and lots of other countries on humanitarian basis to provide support for the Syrian people, the solution really from top to come off, said Bacon. It calls on the major world powers on to unite and thus effectively put an end to the atrocities that there.

In addition to Bacon also left the Secretary General of the OCI, Youssef Al-Otaymeen, takes this political issue. He indicated that the treaties that there now exist for a long time should have been taken. Case is now that the inhabitants of Aleppo first of all need to be rescued from this plight

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