Moroccan Marrakech with artists like crowdfunding school environment standing

A nice gesture of these 18 artists.

In the town of Tameslohte, Marrakech Douar Shib near, State forming part of a school about to be closed. Since the institution crucial things like toilets and fixed missing teachers lose the more and more pupils. Here comes on top of that the road to the school is very rough. Despite frantic efforts by the school board we know the parents of the pupils not to convince concerned the training of the children at their to prosecute.

Fortunately came from unexpected sources help for these distressed school. While it almost at a closure at is a group of Moroccan artists with the initiative to start a collection. All 18 they will exhibit their work during an exhibition in the Golf Hotel to Atlas Marrakech where the works sold. Opposite Le360 says one of the artists, Abderrahim Yamou, that on december 28, the action will take place starting from 18.00 pm.

The artists are willing to offer their works at low prices, this to at least be sure of income for the school in question.