Noteworthy: ' Ra Ziyech-issue used to break with Moroccan bond to force ' (video)

The reason for not selecting Hakim Ziyech seems clear.

It kept the Moroccan football lover and those who follow in Netherlands for quite some time: the non-inclusion of Ziyech Ha in Morocco's selection for the African Cup. Keuzeheer Hervé Renard gave as reason for this decision having a luxury problem. On the number ten position would the now injured Younes Belhanda of OGC Nice and all Jazira's Mbark Boussoufa better thrive by their experience that would have Ziyech to a much lesser extent.

On the day of the publication of the selection, which is considerably delayed the moment was, it was also clear that Belhanda retired the next six weeks because of a toe fracture. Nevertheless, Renard saw not the possibility, for any reason, to Ziyech to his list for the African Cup. However, there is, to the Moroccan sports journalist Mohammed Maghdoudi, much more going on and it is not Ziyech but calls from ' part of the story '.

Opposite Chouf Maghdoudi that the Ziyech-Renard gives TV card has drawn in order to force a break with the Moroccan Football Federation. He suggested the Federal President, Faouzi Lekjaa, for the choice to choose between him or Ziyech. Having regard to the publication of the selection was delayed for more than two days indicates this according to Lekjaa Maghdoudi at all on the fact that Rabbani wanted to bring on other thoughts.

Furthermore, he declared that there is a disturbed relationship exists between Ziyech and the national coach. During Morocco's last international matches (World Cup qualifier against Ivory Coast and exhibition game against Togo) called Ra Ziyech. He would have him informed the Chair that he regime of the Group process. Ziyech said he has come to Morocco to fight for his country and not to the clown to hang out within the group.

It seems and so is the story of Maghdoudi also by 11 ' Lions Morocco Pros confirmed through reliable sources, that Renard wants to get rid of his bondscoachschap in Morocco. With two African Cup titles in a row would be there next to grab this edition quite a blemish on the RESUME of the Frenchman. Many analyst and expert predicts a not-too-high performance for the Lions of the Atlas in Gabon, even about surviving the group stage is twisted.

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