Man burns himself in Rabat after injustice by police

A deeply sad happen recently played himself off in our capital.

The epitome of how bad things are regulated in Morocco: someone who is in such a horrific way after not taking an aggressive police action of life takes away. It played all last Friday in Rabat. A street vendor was robbed a few months ago by a group of guys. When he they came a little later on the track and she wanted to confront what they had done to him, ran it out on a fight with the police on site.

Eventually became one of the suspected plunderers nabbed by the authorities. In addition, the street vendor declaration did of his robbery the months immediately before. Despite that indictment was the suspect released after only a few days. Something altogether in the wrong way shot at the street vendor, whose identity is not yet fully known, which he decided last Friday to pick up at the police station in question.

Once there, the exact course of the happening is not yet known, crossed the man himself on fire. An ambulance car, which still came too late as well, brought him to a nearby hospital. According to the latest reports, his situation is deteriorating by the day, said the Moroccan sources Yaoum24 and Hespress Already.

At the time that the man fired himself started bystanders soon with the filming of the event. It is known that various agents and other people of security services tried to prevent this. Such videos provide a lot of uproar in the country and in other politically less stable countries. The gruesome death of visverkoperMouhcine Fair a while ago brought many in Morocco.