Gendarmerie Berrechid does seizure of 200 tons of explosive material

A staggering discovery did the authorities recently in Berrechid.

Entirely coincidentally came across the gendarmerie of Berrechid recently on a extremely large amount of chemicals. The find was, during a regular inspection, done in a shed in the village near Casablanca. More than 200 tonnes of ammonium nitrate (the main component of homemade bombs) was found, according to the Moroccan medium Assabah in her Edition of this weekend.

Immediately after the find was everything to the enormous amount of safe to move. Soon after brief research revealed that the owner of the pilot had taken the legs. The gendarmerie is there so still not behind where these chemicals would be used for. It could well be that the substance was going to be used in production for illegal fireworks, do, however, recent investigations of security services suspect otherwise.  According to the first elements of the investigation, the product in small amounts transported from a disused mine in the region of Ouarzazate.

For example, in Oujda was found next to the ammonium nitrate also still plenty of other explosive substances at a terreurcel in the House. Account is taken of the involvement of a terreurcel in this issue. This find is part of an investigation of the gendarmerie around Casablanca and Berrechid to the use of different storage sites.