Daesh less Moroccan fighters in areas

The number of Moroccan fighters active in the Middle East now stands at 870, with 500 deaths and 200 who returned back home.

The number of Moroccan fighters who fights in the ranks of Daesh is greatly reduced. According to the latest official statistics 871 fighting Moroccan citizens still within the terrorist organization in Syria and Iraq. This is equivalent to 55% of the total number of Moroccans who left to join in 2012 Morocco Daesh. These figures were announced Saturday by Abdelhak El Khayam, Director of the BCIJ (Central Bureau of investigation), reports the daily newspaper Akhbar Al Yaoum in his edition of today.According to the newspaper, the marked decrease in the number of Moroccans in Daesh be explained by two factors. The first relates to the return of about 206 individuals to Morocco. The second factor is the death of 553 fighters. But it should be noted that the number of Moroccans who join Daesh getting less and less. Over the past year, only three individuals tried to join Daesh. Libya was the destination of two of these Moroccans, who were eventually arrested, while the third back wanted to go to Syria.