More than 92% of consumed chickens in Morocco from illegal slaughterhouses

Disturbing figures when it comes to the production of chicken and poultry meat goes in Morocco.

A survey conducted by the FISA (institution in the country that on the poultry sector) alarming figures come forward over the origin of the chicken meat. Results show that 92% of the consumed chicken meat to be slaughtered in a slaughterhouse, illegal not registered. A rough estimate of the number of illegal slaughterhouses comes down to more than 15,000, according to the Moroccan medium Al Massae in its edition of last weekend.

If we the numbers of illegal slaughterhouses put opposite those of the registered there seems to be a lot of work on trade for the authorities. For the chicken sector amounts to 15,000 the number of approved 7300 opposite non-registered slaughterhouses, for the production of Turkey meat is the 25 registered over 700 unregistered. Further already know Massae to mention that there are only 25 slaughterhouses across the country that meet the international standards.

Finally, Al Massae, based on sources within the Moroccan Ministry of agriculture and fisheries, that in the area of hygiene even the registered slaughterhouses very low score.