Robber also shows onthoofder

The French police in Bordeaux after a wild chase a robber arrested who, as it turned out after his arrest, also suspected of beheading at Paris.

The nineteen-year-old Stepan Lutsin overtook Sunday in the Centre of Bordeaux with a gun and a Sable a fast food restaurant. He was apprehended after a chase and a shooting in which he was wounded. He is still in a hospital Monday, French media reported.

In the investigation into the robbery the police stumbled on the fact that the offender is wanted in connection with a brutal murder in Clamart on the southern edge of Paris. Thursday noon a woman came in Clamart home and discovered the decapitated body of toegetakelde and her 57-year-old man in the House. The young man who lived with them and for whom the victim for some time played a supervisory role, had disappeared without trace and is called Stepan Lutsin.

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