Morocco tightened border control to Sebta and Melilla

The Moroccan and Spanish security services reinforce the control on the borders of the cities of Sebta and Melilla with the approach of the new year's celebration.

Akhbar Al Yaoum reports that the Moroccan security services have stepped up patrols to prevent migrants take advantage of this period to illegally cross the borders of the two cities, as happened last year.200 migrants from sub-Saharan Africa then managed to climb over the metal gate and the town of Sebta, using the inattention of the Spanish and Moroccan security forces. The newspaper reports that extra security has been deployed at certain positions that are considered "black spots", these are often used as exits by migrants who want to cross to Spain.
Akhbar Al Yaoum said to the Moroccan side, the strengthening of border control as main purpose to a new human tragedy in Moroccan territorial waters, such as recently near Al Hoceima.

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