Export Moroccan argan oil goes coming 8 years triple

Products will have to expand enormously over the next few years.

Argan oil is the world and especially in Europe and in the Gulf countries enormously popular. According to the Moroccan medium Hespress what reports on an investigation by the Government, will that popularity the next 8 years just to increase. There are record levels predicted, should the question continue to evolve as he does now than even predicts a threefold increase.

Argan oil is immensely popular in the market for personal care and cosmetic products. Becoming more and more prizes above all European big brands in their products by the combination to use with the sought after stuff from the vicinity of Marrakech and Essaouira. What Europe especially in personal care products used, in the Arab countries and Morocco itself above all a culinary application.

According to the research of the Moroccan Government revenue from argan oil in 2024 a record high reaching 22 billion dirham. Every year about 700 tons produced for export, this quantity will then so triple.

argan oil