USAIDS and open Morocco's third great jobs OFPPT Centre in Casablanca

A project for both employee and employer can be of added value.

In cooperation between the OFPPT (Central Institute which developed uses with employment) and the American initiative USAID (U.S. Agency for International Development), there is recently a new courts Center constructed in the economic capital Casablanca. This is the third in Morocco after the earlier opening of the offices in Marrakech and Tangier. The Center serves as a place for the exchange of experiences, to increase networking and to government policies. In a general sense, one can say that with this Centre seeks to support young professionals in entering the labour market.

To a press release of both organizations is this centre the result of the close cooperation between the USAID and the Moroccan Government. In practical terms, can a person seeking work through numerous activities their opportunities on the labour market. Orientation training, applicants are being prepped for their job interviews and one can numerous skills.

Nadia Abbas, program developer at the USAID, said opposite Morocco World News: ' We are in favour of young people in particular, to help in developing their technical and non-technical skills. This their opportunities on the labour market. '

The USAID has reportedly some 24 million dollars pumped into all three courts centers.