Municipality of Casablanca removes all by civilians landscaped thresholds

All improvised thresholds in Casablanca will soon be on the shovel.

The municipality of Casablanca has recently unanimously decided to ban citizens improvised thresholds. This reported the Moroccan medium Assabah recently, there is enormous discontent among mainly motorists. In neighborhoods where many schools settle or apartments flats are the thresholds are manufactured by local residents with their own hands.

The municipality is mainly about the height, the material used and the distance between them. On these three points are deviated from the standards laid down by the Ministry of transport, public works and transport. Soon does one get started with the removal of and the building of new thresholds that do meet the conditions.

Assabah reports say local residents have contacted municipal authorities for a long time to work for the realization of thresholds. When this one went on too long wait allowed himself to take the initiative.

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