United Arab Emirates finance development projects go Morocco

After years of financial support Morocco gets even more support from the Emirates.

The ADFD (Abu Dhabi Fund for Development) recently announced new financial assistance to go to various development projects in Morocco. After many years of good cooperation was there not so long ago an important discussion held with a delegation of the ADFD which specially was sent to Morocco.

There was met with high officials of the Moroccan ministries of education, agriculture and fisheries and research. In consultation with them stated that certain objectives of the Fund are going to get a financial injection from Abu Dhabi. It is, to name a few examples, the arrows targeting the preservation of the health, education and energy security.

The Fund has been around since 1971 and has assisted the development of Morocco since its inception with the gigantic amount of 5.5 billion dollars. This spreads over a total of 55 projects, thus Morocco World News.