Casablanca airport employees interrogated about smuggling counterfeit products

Staff at a post Office at the airport.

According to the Moroccan medium Al Massae are few individuals held recently in a case for smuggling of fake products from abroad. Hard to make the case there is a special team of inspectors sent to the airport. They interviewed the suspects.

How many suspects it comes is not clear, said Al Massae. What is clear is what one, by accidental interception, the country wanted to smuggling. It was going to be a package (which gave the value of 40 dollars) of which 420 were smartphones with a street value of about 5,000 dirhams each. The origin of the intercepted goods concerned China, the United States, France and Dubai.

The suspects worked for a mail company what international packets and could so different quantities and types of products they binnensluizen by the country to evade the scanners on the air cargo section of the airport To Casablanca Mohamed V.