"Amrabat, in all likelihood, just to Africa Cup after injury '

It would almost be the third logoff...

It was equally scare when Nordin Amrabat had to leave the field early yesterday afternoon against Tottenham Hotspur. Where the winter break in many European competition is a reality, the Premier League still merrily play football. The 29-year-old links outside took it so in the match against the London 1-4 eventually lost with top Club and left in the 74th minute to already seizing its just the field.

Now it turns out, according to the generally well Almarssadpro, imported that the ankle injury giant with it falls and the attacker need only a few days of rest to recover. With a view to the African Nations Cup and the all previous unsubscribers from Ali Tannane and Younès Belhanda would failure of Amrabat already the third selected player that plays at a high level. It is now still wait when Amrabat travel to the Emirates to join the selection.

There await him possibly two exhibition games against Finland in any case (January 9, 15:00 uk time) and another opponent where the bond still eagerly is looking for.

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