Ziyech: ' the mother is all in the Moroccan culture '

Ziyech does his famous statement ' rather honest and hated, then underhanded and loved ' up to again!

Just like the candid interview last year took the Volkskrant time again for a get-together with the best player on the Dutch fields, Hakim Ziyech. In this interview produced many issues, including the aftermath of the previous interview with the newspaper, his last bout at FC Twente and the transition to Ajax, his band with his mother and last but not least his position as a successful Moroccan in the society.

Ziyech is a real family man and tries to contribute financially his though not always by his mother admitted: that contract at Ajax allows him the family members of the nine-piece Ziyech financial help. Problem is that they are too proud to take something from the benjamin. Are almost 67-year-old mother, for thirteen years widow and live on a pension, is the most rigid objector.

' Last she had seen a bicycle that they wanted to buy. She said in advance: Hakim, I want to buy him. I ordered it for her. So when that bike was delivered she called. ' What have you done? ' She was a little angry.

' The mother is all in the Moroccan culture, tells Ziyech. He talks about the time he came home for the first time with bleached hair. ' I was really curious what they thought about it. Like you with your first report comes home, you know. First she laughed me out. She had not expected to me. Then she said that they liked. When I have it so.

' To his wrist is a gold Rolex, around his neck hangs a golden chain. His mother says sometimes: let a little on your money. ' I do too well, though. '

To the question ' do you think about what is happening elsewhere in the Netherlands or in the world? ' replied the Moroccan-international: ' not really. Perhaps this is yet. Someone like Wilders I really don't care. It is clear that he Moroccans hate, but what do you do that? As far as I am concerned he "less, less, less ' screaming. That touches me. I grew up that as a Moroccan in behind Netherlands. That you two, three times must work harder to get respect. If you perform well, you're a Dutchman. If you don't ' Moroccan '. Sometimes it is even so that if you are performing, you still as a criminal is put away. '

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