Market crowd Khemisset picks at kalfdieven

Own judge in Morocco is sometimes play a general understanding.

That in Morocco thieves be punished even before they appear in court is well known, but in a village near Khemisset was thrown in a few extras. According to the Moroccan medium Al Akhbar became a threesome when had engaged to the theft of a little calf heavy handed. With a rented car they wanted to save their battle at the farmers market.

At first it seemed to work until the owner of the calves behind the theft came and alarm. He ordered all security guards (and family members and acquaintances) the entry and exit points of the market. So one could sum up the suspects quickly in the collar and here therefore carried hundreds of market visitors and sellers do their bit to this.

Battered, bloodied and under the bruises were two perpetrators was handed over to the local authorities, one offender managed to escape. The rented car was thrown by the crowd in a nearby ravine. After a short-term stay in the hospital the perpetrators could be brought to the cell. Currently they are awaiting the judicial verdict what about them will be pronounced.