Police prevents sit-in in Al Hoceima

Last night the police prevented the Organization of a sit-in in Al Hoceima to the characteristic square of the city. For the first time, after nearly three months of peaceful coexistence between the Government and the protesters.

Al Hoceima yesterday had a heavy night. The police drove out protesters in front of the "Place des Martyrs" (perks). The origin of this tension was the initiative taken by the authorities to set up on specific barriers to this place in anticipation of a stock exchange, reports yabiladi today.The protesters were of the opinion that the authorities had chosen to this specific place only to deprive them of their principal place of protest. Statements attributed to an official of the Chamber of Commerce, which denies that there was on this square were preparations for an exhibition, the organizers seemed to be confirmed in their suspicions.The prevention of the sit-in in Al Hoceima quickly reached the neighboring small towns, whereby there also dozens of protesters to the streets, especially in Imzouren and Boukidarne. They were able to hold a sit-in without any reaction on the part of the police.The death of Jamie Fair, on October 28 in Al Hoceima, is not on the center of the demands of the protesters. Social and political demands currently have precedence over the need to the circumstances of the death of the fishmonger.

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